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- Dance studio owner and director

- MA of Economics and Management of Moscow State Industrial University

- BA of Business Management and PR Latvian College of Economics and Arts

- NDCA Certified Dance Teacher and Adjudicator

- Professional Latin Dancer


Oksana Kalinuka who is originally from Riga, Latvia, is no stranger to music and dance.

Growing up in the Soviet Union, like most Russian kids, was exposed to music and dance at a very young age. 


She began taking ballroom dance lessons at the age of 8, and fell in love with it.  In addition to ballroom dancing, she also took over four years of figure skating lessons.


Oksana graduated from Moscow University with a MA degree in economics and management in 2000.  At the age of 22, she won the citizenship lottery to come to the United States.  Leaving behind her family and friends, and not knowing a word of English, she moved to Orange County.  In a very short period of time, she learned English, made friends and made family – a beautiful daughter named Katya.  Oksana has since obtained her U.S. citizenship. 

After Katya was born, Oksana continued dancing socially and enjoyed raising her daughter, but never forgot the dream of dancing.  She eventually started working at a dance studio, where she also gained amazing training, experience and started competing again.


Introducing her own daughter to ballroom dancing, Oksana realized she has a gift and a passion to build youth dance program, to keep young generation healhty and social, athletic and goal oriented.


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